Go fly a kite!

I was out on the lake yesterday and I saw something new, a boater was flying a kite off of his boat while slowly crossing the middle of the lake. I have always loved flying kites and I got a real kick out of seeing this innovative approach to an age old practice. So I think next time life seems a little hectic maybe we all should just “Go fly a kite!”.

Keep an eye out for Eagles

 Back in the Narrows on the east side of the lake across from the Stone Braker camp there is a Bald Eagle nest in the tallest Sugar Pine tree. You can see the nest on the right side of the top branches. you may see some glipses of white and if you are lucky they will put on an air show for you.

Come on in the water and wine is fine!

Temperatures are coming up, Fathers Day is coming up, and we hope you are coming up too. Come and enjoy the weekend and check out the area, this weekend is also the County Fair in Placerville and there is as always some great wine tasting over in Fair Play or just down the road in pleasant valley. If you come up pleasant valley road on the way up instead of 50 then there are wineries on the way, most are open till 5pm, so come early and get a nice bottle of wine for the campsite or boat!

Have fun!