Labor Day Water Temperature 71F

We went out on the lake on labor day on Monday and enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and fresh air. The water level looks like it has dropped about 20′ from full but there was still plenty of room for everyone and the water never looked better. the air temperature was getting a little brisk towards the evening and I had to put on a warm shirt as the sun went down. We all had such a great day that we stayed out past sunset. I took some movies of the day and will be working on posting them later.

Go fly a kite!

I was out on the lake yesterday and I saw something new, a boater was flying a kite off of his boat while slowly crossing the middle of the lake. I have always loved flying kites and I got a real kick out of seeing this innovative approach to an age old practice. So I think next time life seems a little hectic maybe we all should just “Go fly a kite!”.