Keep an eye out for Eagles

 Back in the Narrows on the east side of the lake across from the Stone Braker camp there is a Bald Eagle nest in the tallest Sugar Pine tree. You can see the nest on the right side of the top branches. you may see some glipses of white and if you are lucky they will put on an air show for you.

Come on in the water and wine is fine!

Temperatures are coming up, Fathers Day is coming up, and we hope you are coming up too. Come and enjoy the weekend and check out the area, this weekend is also the County Fair in Placerville and there is as always some great wine tasting over in Fair Play or just down the road in pleasant valley. If you come up pleasant valley road on the way up instead of 50 then there are wineries on the way, most are open till 5pm, so come early and get a nice bottle of wine for the campsite or boat!

Have fun!

Welcome to the 2009 season.

The Sun is shining, the squirrels are playing and spring is in the air. The lake is full of water and campers are enjoying the fresh air and relaxing by the lake.

We took a hike back to Park Creek to see the waterfalls and they did not disappoint. I put a clip show on the site in the hiking section in case you are interested in seeing what the hike is like. We also hiked down the trail and across the bridge at the spillway when it was in it’s full glory, but I’m afraid that will dry up soon as the weather warms up.

The boat ramps are getting busy, I like to sit up above the ramps in the afternoon, BBQ some hot dogs and watch the boaters pulling the boats out. There is always a lot of action and it can be quite entertaining.

Until next time, have a great day around the lake!

Big Mac Attack

With the levels low and the water cold it’s time for the fish to come up for a bite. Now is the time to break out your poles and get down to the lake for some mighty fine fishing. Don’t for get to bring you catch to the Country Store at Sly Park Resort across from the park entrance to get it recorded for the “Big Fish of the Month” contest.

Happy Fishing!